Make Him Commit – Using Reverse Psychology

Are you ready to make your man commit to you for the long-term? Have you had plenty of casual boyfriends who never wanted to date you exclusively? Is it time in your life for you to settle down and start a family? By using reverse psychology, you will be able to make your guy commit to you.

Step #1: Realize he’s not the only guy in the world.

Once you come to this realization, you will act differently around your guy. You won’t be so desperate and it will be reflected in your attitude. Take time to notice other guys in the world and realize fully that your current boyfriend is lucky to have you as his girl.

Step #2: Try to spend less time together.

Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder. If you pull back slightly and make sure you’re not always available to him, he will notice and want to be with you more. If he asks you what is wrong, just tell him you have been busy and that everything is fine. If he wants to spend more time together, he will quickly understand that he needs to forge a firmer commitment to you. You don’t have to explain this to him; he will instinctively know that you are a free woman.

Step #3: Less kissing, more talking.

By diminishing the physical aspects of your relationship, you will be forcing him to think about how he feels about you and how he misses you physically. He will be more open to discussions and plans for the future once he realizes that he can’t experience all of you until he professes a full commitment to you. By pulling back physically, you will be making him commit.

Step #4: Go out with another guy.

Force yourself to get out there and enjoy the presence of other men. It doesn’t have to be a physical relationship, but you can certainly spend time with other guys and have fun together. Even spending time with a good male friend will be good for you. Once your guy sees you enjoying other men, he will think twice about his reluctance to commit and will be ready to take the plunge.

Although these four steps may seem like the opposite of what you should be doing, they are reverse psychology to a guy and will bring positive results. As you work through them, you will notice that your man desires to spend more and more time together. Congratulations! You have made him commit.

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3 Ways To Be A Better Husband

Your marriage does not have to be in trouble if you want to know how to be a better husband. It’s a scientific fact that humans need relationships. We need to share life with someone to feel fulfilled and complete. Those who live alone express an emptiness and rarely develop as well emotionally and socially as those who have a partner. Married couples thrive better than singles and usually achieve more in life in every way.

Married men and women each make mistakes in their relationships. But it is estimated that women file 3 out of 4 divorces. This could indicate that wives just get fed up of the mistakes made by their husband and decide to give up on the marriage.

It’s not always straightforward trying to figure out how to be a better husband. All things considered, some of the things that men do that are wrong, or viewed as wrong, are done by mistake. Here are 3 key elements of marriage advice for men that describes how to be a better husband and keep the lady in your life happy.

1. Does She Know That You Do Care?

Does your attitude towards sorting life’s problems with your wife come across as indifference? Men are guiltier of this than women. Indifference does not mean a lack of love, it just means the scope of the problem is perceived differently. Men often think that the secret of how to stay happy in a marriage is to fix a problem quickly and then move on to the next. But, as a husband, don’t ignore the fact that your wife needs you to be caring when she is experiencing a problem. You must learn to fix the problem but you can learn how to be a better husband by offering her understanding and sympathy about the emotional stress your wife is under.

2. When She Talks Do You Listen?

Marriage advice for men will always involve communication. Most men don’t mind talking and can usually offer a step-by-step plan of solving a problem. Women ultimately want to solve the problem but also want to talk to feel closer. The simple marriage advice for men in this situation is to not rush to fix the problem but rush to listen to your wife’s opinion and ideas.

Your wife will want to analyze the problem to see why it exists and why it occurred in the first place. Men tend to be less open about how they feel and play the emotional cards close to their chest. The way how to be a better husband is to listen with your heart as well as your mind and ears. Listen with enthusiasm and avoid the tendency to withdraw. You’re not on the sports field here. You’re sharing with your life’s partner.

3. No More Romance?

Husbands have a tendency to think that romance is only for single guys while dating their girlfriend. But now that the chase is over does that mean that the romance is too? The relationship dies when the romance dies. Men can live without it, women cannot. Well, they can, but prefer not to. The simple way how to be a better husband is to be more caring and considerate. Give her little presents and surprises. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts. It really is the thought that counts in this situation.

Don’t think of your wife like the guys you play sports with or meet down the pub. She is more than just your friend and is expecting to be treated with respect and love. You fell in love with the person that she is, so love and accept her for what she is. Living together means sharing together. A lot less mistakes will be made if you bring back the good times.

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Environmental Science And Its’ Components

These days there is there is a lot buzz about the world going green and preserving the environment. Well, I think that all of you might be reading something or the other about “environment and ecology” in newspaper, magazines or over the internet. So, let me throw light on this topic.

Environmental Science is the scientific study of the ways in which biological, physical and chemical components of the environment interact and the relations between them. Environmental science and ecology are overlapped but different science disciplines.

Environmental science and ecology are overlapped but different science disciplines. Ecology is the study of the interactions of living organisms with their environments, including relationship with other organisms. Environmental science is multidisciplinary in nature and provides a broad area of study of environmental systems integrating both biological and physical concepts with an interdisciplinary approach.

Components of Environmental Science:

Atmospheric Sciences examine the phenomenology of the Earth’s gaseous outer layer with emphasis upon interrelation to other systems. Atmospheric sciences comprise meteorological studies, greenhouse gas phenomena, and atmospheric dispersion modeling of airborne contaminants, noise pollution, and even light pollution.

Ecology studies typically analyze the dynamics of biological populations and some aspect of their environment.

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of environmental science, teams of professionals commonly work together to conduct environmental research or to produce Environmental Impact Statements. Environmental science encompasses issues such as climate change, conservation, biodiversity, water quality, groundwater contamination, soil contamination, and use of natural resources, waste management, sustainable development, disaster reduction, air pollution, and noise pollution.

Geosciences include environmental geology, environmental soil science, volcanic phenomena and evolution of the Earth’s crust. In some classification systems it can also embrace hydrology including oceanography.

Well, above is a brief overview about Environmental Science and its’ machinery. Having a sound knowledge about our environment will certainly help us to protect Nature, which is the “Gift of God” to mankind.

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Is There Still Hope To Save Your Broken Relationship?

The depression you experience after a break-up can be one of the most overwhelming feelings you ever go through. You are constantly asking yourself what went wrong and wondering is there still hope to save your broken relationship? It is very easy to do the wrong thing and once it’s done you can never take it back. Avoiding this situation will be the difference between getting back together and losing them forever.

Depression, hopelessness and desperation, are all very true and valid emotions but in order to work through these feelings you must be willing to implement steps needed in order to find a way to save your relationship.

First you must reach down deep and make an honest assessment of the kind of relationship you had with your ex. Why did you break up in the first place? Was it perhaps just a misunderstanding or disagreement and you really feel there is a chance to repair it? Or does it go deeper than that in which you must really seek the truth as to whether the effort to save your broken relationship is going to be worth it.

If it was a misunderstanding or disagreement, are you willing to compromise and go on with the relationship? Just remember, you cannot change the way a person is. They will still be the same person after the make up as they were before the break up. If you have dealt with your true feelings and feel he/she is the one for you then it’s time to take the next step.

One of the hardest steps may be the most vital step in saving a broken relationship. Go on with your life! I say this is the hardest step because when you have a hard time dealing with day to day life, it is almost impossible to go on as if nothing has happened. But it is so important for your ex to see that you don’t need them back to survive. Find new things to do. Explore hobbies that you have always wanted to do but never found the time. Get yourself in a place where you are feeling better about yourself and slowly the depression and hopelessness will start to ease.

When this happens you can really take a step back and be honest with yourself if what you really want to do is save your broken relationship. More often than not, we miss our ex because they have become a comfortable habit. When you change these habits, it helps you to realize if you want them back for who they are and not because you were content in the relationship.

If after all this you truly feel you still want to save your broken relationship then you need to rely on honesty and hope. Talk with your ex and discuss the chances of getting back together. If you still have hurt feelings wait until those have subsided. Re-hashing those feelings will only make things worse. When you’re ready to talk, be sure to talk about the compromises you will both need to make in order for it to work. Also, make sure you never make promises you don’t intend to keep.

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Shakespeare’s Presentation Of Family Relationships

Within Hamlet at hand are three crucial families which are the foremost focus in the have fun. The families are Hamlet’s everyday, Polonius’s everyday and Fortinbras’s everyday. There are many similarities and differences stuck between all three separate families. One similarity to facilitate all three families comprise is to facilitate on slightest individual appendage of their everyday seem to comprise a hidden agenda. Hamlet wants revenge adjacent to Claudius and the aim Claudius did so was to be converted into the novel king of Denmark. Laertes wants revenge on behalf of his father Polonius who was killed by Hamlet. Lastly Fortinbras has a hidden agenda at what time he firstly says to facilitate he wants to pass through Denmark to invade Poland but at hand are uncertainties to facilitate he has a secret agenda to overthrow Denmark and reclaim the terrain to facilitate was lost at what time the old king of Denmark defeated his father and became king.

There is furthermore undercover work in Hamlet stuck between families and this shows to facilitate at hand is an absence of trust. An paradigm would be at what time Polonius sends the spy Reynaldo to chance and spy on Laertes as he suspects to facilitate his son is up to rejection superior. He says “your razz of dishonesty take this carp of truth”, this is a metaphor and earnings simply employment a ingenious stretch out and catch the truth. Polonius is telltale employment the razz of deception to acquire away from home more in rank and more specifically the truth. This plan of telltale a stretch out and sentence away from home the truth can furthermore be backed up at what time Polonius says “with windlasses and with assays of bias” which again can be interpreted as indirect attempts so by telltale a stretch out so the truth comes away from home. “Windlasses” figuratively earnings to entice so on behalf of paradigm entice an creature by making an indirect consider, and so by Reynaldo is to tell a small stretch out as a entice and as an indirect attempt to acquire away from home the truth.

This absence of Trust can furthermore be seen in the everyday liaison of Hamlet and Claudius as Hamlet knows his uncle killed his brother to be converted into the king and Claudius sees Hamlet as a peril his throne and on individual promontory even attempts to hurl him to England and comprise him killed at hand. The aim on behalf of Claudius to hurl Hamlet to England is explained at what time Claudius says “since yet thy cicatrice looks untrained and red…Thou mayst not callously established.” Cicatrice is a scar or wound and the statement is to facilitate England has recently been wounded by the Danish sword and therefore is more likely to supply away from home the king’s rule of assassination Hamlet. Also callously established can mean to facilitate they are dubious to established aside and ignore the truth to facilitate Hamlet who is from Denmark is appearance to England and with instructions to take life him they are not willing to perfectly established this aside and accede to him live.

Shakespeare furthermore presents Hamlets everyday to be incestuous especially his protect and uncle who are at once married in the manner of the death of the old kind. Hamlet seems disgusted to facilitate his protect is able to move on so quickly and balmy the bed of the old kings with his brother. Within Hamlets fundamental soliloquy he says to facilitate the generation since his father died and his protect remarried is “two months”. Ophelia on the other offer supposed to facilitate it has been “twice two months” since the death of the old king and so it can be supposed to facilitate Hamlet shows his disgust ended could you repeat that? His protect and uncle comprise prepared by marrying by ended exaggerating how quickly his father has been gone.

Within the fundamental soliloquy he furthermore says “so admirable a king, to facilitate was to this Hyperion to a satyr”. This fundamental part at this juncture shows how Hamlet is unfavourable towards his uncle the novel king and his father the old king by saw look on could you repeat that? The king when was and look on him at once. He compares the two both as everyday and as the role of king. Within both circumstances it seems to facilitate Hamlet seems to dislike his uncle and not trust him. “Hyperion to satyr” this again shows how he compares both his uncle the novel king and his father the old king by saw to facilitate his father is a “hyperion” which is the Greek god of the sun which furthermore uses basic imagery on how he views his father as the sun which is considered necessary on behalf of all life to exist. He subsequently goes on to say to facilitate his uncle is a “satyr” which is a fantastic being, semi person and semi goat. They were furthermore associated with drunkenness and lechery. This again can be linked back to the truth of Hamlets hate and disgust ended could you repeat that? His uncle and protect comprise prepared by marrying and sharing the bed to facilitate was shared by the protect and the old king on individual promontory.

This dysfunctional everyday of Hamlets can be argues to be individual of the reasons if not them ain aim on behalf of Hamlet available downwards in a spiral and eventually consequential in him flattering obsessed with revenge and flattering a fragile state. This can furthermore be backed up by the truth to facilitate the entire aim Hamlet even considers revenge in the fundamental place is to facilitate his uncle had killed which is furthermore a biblical reference to the story of Cain and Abel. Within this story individual brother killed the other due to jealousy, greed and to subsequently later on on marry the over brother’s wife. This biblical reference seems to chance well with could you repeat that? Hamlets uncle has prepared since he killed his brother due to his own greed on behalf of power and the throne of Denmark and he subsequently goes on to marry his brother’s wife. Hamlet refers to this as the “greatest sin”.

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I’m Still Madly In Love With My Ex And I Want Them Back

At the breakup of a long term relationship or marriage there are many who are still thinking to themselves, “I’m still in love with my ex.” This is common, so you are not alone in your thinking. You probably still have some hope that you can get them back. Even if things seem bleak right now and hope is little, it does not mean you can’t get your ex back. Not only can you get them back, but the relationship can be stronger than ever. But, when you find that you are saying, “I’m still in love with my ex”, and you are longing to get your relationship back you will have to make it stronger if it has more of a chance to last.

Be careful in your anxiousness to get your lover back. For those impatiently declaring “I’m still in love with my ex” you may be too quick to turn back the hands of time. You may get what you ask for now, but if done incorrectly you may have the same final results that you experienced before.

The best place to begin is at ground zero. Take the time to figure out what mistakes were made in the previous relationship and also how the mistakes had an impact on the relationship. This will begin the process of building a stronger love than was present before. Starting all over again from scratch is the way to get back the one you love. You have to behave smarter this second time around, so tell yourself, “Yes, I’m still in love with my ex, but I want it to be better this time around.”

Let your renewed relationship happen naturally, and not in a contrived manor. Start up a friendship with your ex first, but take it slowly. If your ex feels that you are just trying to jump back into the relationship and things will be no different, than getting back together may not happen. It’s an age old saying, but if you are supposed to be together than it will happen.

You may experience a lot of crying and depression after your breakup but don’t let your ex see it. Try your best to think positively as well. Most plans only succeed if you think positively. Acting depressed to your ex is more of a turn off than not. They probably would think “I don’t want that in my life.” But, if they sense you are actually happy they will be curious as to what is going on, and re-think the breakup.

Ask yourself, “What type of person would I like to be with?” Would your ex like to be with that type as well? The majority of people want to hang around happy people who can create happiness in other’s lives too. That is the type of person you will want to be. Try to be someone that is in a good mood, can make others smile and can make a person feel they are wanted in life. Make your ex feel special to you.

You will be able to get your ex back and regain that love again if you can make yourself valuable to your ex. As well you want to make them feel needed by you. A balance of both is necessary. It is one thing to say, “I’m still in love with my ex”, but unless you take your time in building a stronger foundation than you had before you will not be able to get the love you had back as well as a stronger relationship.

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Treating ODD- Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) is an extremely common disorder of behavior. The difficult behavior of children with ODD causes them problems both at home and at school. These children behave aggressively and make efforts to intentionally bother or irritate others


Oppositional defiant children show a consistent pattern of refusing to follow commands or requests by adults. The children would frequently get angry, talk back to adults, and defy rules and directions. These children become annoyed easily and they blame the mistakes they make on other people. Children with ODD show a pattern of stubbornness and frequently test limits, even in early childhood.

These children can be manipulative and often induce discord in those around them. Commonly they turn attention away from themselves by inciting parents and other family members to fight with one another.

Behavioral Symptoms

Normal children occasionally have episodes of defiant behavior, particularly during ages of transition such as 2 to 3 or the teenage years where the child uses defiance in an attempt to assert himself. Children who are tired, hungry, or upset may be defiant.

Oppositional defiant behavior is a matter of degree and frequency. Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder display difficult behavior to the extent that it can interfere with learning, school adjustment, and, sometimes, with the child’s social relationships.

Common behaviors seen in Oppositional Defiant Disorder include:

-Losing his temper

-Arguing with adults

-Actively defying requests

-Refusing to follow rules

-Deliberately annoying other people

-Blaming others for one’s own mistakes or misbehavior

-Being touchy, easily annoyed

-Being easily angered, resentful, spiteful, or vindictive

-Speaking harshly, or unkind when upset

-Seeking revenge

-Having frequent temper tantrums

Many parents report that their ODD children were rigid and demanding from an early age.


The diagnosis of ODD is not always straight forward and needs to be made by a psychiatrist or some other qualified mental health professional after a comprehensive evaluation.

If you feel your child may have ODD, there is a quick screening test. Go to: ODD Screening Test


It is not clear what causes Oppositional Defiant Disorder. There are currently two theories.

The developmental theory suggests that ODD is really a result of incomplete development. For some reason, ODD children never complete the developmental tasks that normal children master during the toddler years. They get stuck in the 2-3 year old defiant stage and never really grow out of it.

The learning theory suggests that Oppositional Defiant Disorder comes as a response to negative interactions. The techniques used by parents and authority figures with these children bring about the oppositional defiant behavior.


Oppositional Defiant Disorder usually does not occur alone.

50-65% of ODD children also have ADD ADHD 35% of these children develop some form of affective disorder 20% have some form of mood disorder, such as Bipolar Disorder or anxiety 15% develop some form of personality disorder Many of these children have learning disorders

Any child with Oppositional Defiant Disorder must be evaluated for other disorders as well. If your child has ODD it is imperative to find out what are the co-existing problems. This is the key to treating the condition, as we shall soon discuss.


So what happens to these children? There are four possible paths.

Some will grow out of it. Half of the preschoolers that are labeled ODD are normal by the age of 8. However, in older ODD children, 75% will still fulfill the diagnostic criteria later in life.

The Oppositional Defiant Disorder may become something else. 5-10 % of preschoolers with ODD have their diagnosis changed from ODD to ADHD.

In some children, the defiant behavior gets worse and these children eventually are diagnosed with Conduct Disorder. This progression usually happens fairly early. If a child has ODD for 3-4 years and he hasn’t developed Conduct Disorder, then he won’t ever develop it.

The child may continue to have ODD without any thing else. This is unusual. By the time preschoolers with ODD are 8 years old, only 5% have ODD and nothing else.

The child develops other disorders in addition to ODD. This is very common.


Medical Intervention

There have been some recent studies that have examined the effects of certain medications on Oppositional Defiant Disorder. All the research is preliminary and just suggests that certain treatments may help.

One study examined the use of Ritalin to treat children with both ADHD and ODD. This study found that 90% of the children treated with Ritalin no longer had the ODD by the end of the study.

The researchers skewed the results a bit. A number of children were dropped from the study because they wouldn’t comply with the treatment regimen. Still, if these children are included as treatment failures the study still showed a 75% success rate.

There have been two studies examining the effect of Strattera on children with both ADHD and ODD. One study showed that Strattera helped with ODD, one study showed it did not help.

There was a large Canadian study that showed that Risperdal helped with aggressive behavior in children with below normal intelligence. It did not matter if the child had ADHD or not.

There was study showing that 80% of children with explosive behavior improved when given the mood stabilizer, divalproex.

There was another pilot study examining the use of Omega-3 oils and vitamin E in ODD children. Both helped the ODD behavior to some degree.

Psychological Intervention

Parent management training is still viewed as the main treatment for Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Our program, How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior which is available online, or some other parent training program is still considered essential if you want to help your child. Also, the younger your child is when you enroll in such a program, the better the results.

Conclusion: Advice to Parents

Currently, there is still far too little research on this very common disorder.

Medically, the most important consideration is to treat other disorders that come along with ODD. Considering that Ritalin may help alleviate the problem in 75-90% of ODD children who have ADHD, and considering that most children with ODD also have some degree of ADHD, I feel that it is very worth your while to try your ODD child on Ritalin unless you know for sure that he does not have ADHD. Depending upon your child’s nature, the other treatments could be worth trying.

I feel that using Omega-3 supplements and a vitamin E supplement should be tried in all children. The reason is that most children have deficiencies in these nutrients. Even if this does nothing to help the ODD symptoms, your child will still be healthier.

Parent training is still the most effective means of dealing with Oppositional Defiant Disorder. The two main drawbacks of most of these programs are the expense and the availability.

Some practitioners charge 0 or more per visit and considering the program will take several months costs add up. Insurance usually will not pay for such programs. Many parents complain to me that they can not afford the program that their child so desperately needs.

Another problen is that programs for ODD children are not always available to parents. Over the years, numerous parents have told me that where they live there are no programs for Oppositional Defiant Children.

I created How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior to address these two problems. It allows parents to help their children regardless of where they live and at a cost that is less than one office visit.

Even though it was an experiment to try to administer such a program online and to date no one else is doing this, over the past two years How to Improve Your Child’s Behavior has proven time and again to help parents gain control of their defiant children.

It is tough to live with children who have ODD. However, if you make sure that your child has his other problems addressed and you improve your parenting skills by enrolling in a parent training program, you can do a great deal to improve your child’s condition and his future.

Anthony Kane, MD ADD ADHD Advances

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7 Signs Of Being Disloyal Husband Or Wife

If there is any 1 matter one particular person can do to both destroy a partnership and exhibit they are really a coward is being disloyal on you. It really is the ultimate act of betrayal on the man or woman that’s supposed for being your very best friend. If another person would deal with a best friend this manner how would they deal with any person who’s not a pal or enemy?

You will discover a range of factors a person would cheat but generally speaking it is really an indication these are not happy with their present-day spouse or that a thing is missing inside the romance. Quite typically nonetheless it can be an indication of the unfaithful folks very own inability to get content with themselves and also the inability being joyful. So but if your companion is being unfaithful on you or you believe your spouse is being unfaithful on you don’t be rapid to blame your self. It’s not your fault.

The explanation you might be perusing this write-up nevertheless is most seemingly because you sense a thing distinct about your associate’s behaviour or disposition as well as your subconscious intellect is essentially tapping you about the shoulder and stating

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How to Become an Expert Gamer

You’ve Got The Skills, So Why Not?

If you see yourself playing video games day-in and day-out, you might be a prime candidate for establishing yourself as a gaming expert. All you need is a superb knowledge of a wide range of games and gaming systems, and of course, a lot of patience. The rewards are incredible and in the end, you’ll be an improved person for it.

So what is an expert anyway? Just what is it that qualifies anyone to be an expert on anything? since there aren’t any colleges that offer degrees in this genre, we can qualify any gamer as an professional who has the qualities described above. So if you have the knowledge or right stuff to play a game skillfully – and you enjoy solving problems, you could probably claim the rights to an professional status.

Just be sure that you establish your own growth in the gaming industry. Part of being an professional is admitting that there’s always more to learn and in the gaming industry, this should never be a bothersome thing to pull off. By exposing yourself to new games and new game systems, you can turn every opportunity to play with one into an opportunity to learn more than what you already know. In doing so, you’ll learn tons of new strategies and widen your resourcefulness as a point of aid to others.

You could also make many efforts to join up with with others really into with video games. Get off the game and get out into the world so that you can network and talk over with another your discoveries with people. Networking gives you the fine opportunity to share or trade secrets, inform others, and learn a little something new at the same time. And the relationships that you build as a result are simply invaluable. There’s probably no other way you could get your hands on access to little known gaming secrets than to network among the best gamers around.

If you’re completely dedicated toward becoming a gaming expert, consider taking some classes in game programming. Seek out and apprenticeship and acquire training programs that are offered in both your local area and the gaming industry as a whole. This is an good way to learn everything anyone would ever want to know about gaming, and its a first-class entrance into the gaming industry if you aren’t too crazy about making a commitment to a full time gaming career.

You could also subscribe to gaming magazines, participate in online discussion boards, or sign up for book clubs that focus on gaming material.

Take note that your status as a gaming professional may not consistently be appreciated. Strong criticisms – whether right or wrong – come with the glory of being perceived as the “answer to everything.” As an example, you may be rejected for an opportunity that you feel you’re perfect for, or you may experience the spew of a less-than-experienced heckler. The first rule of thumb is to not take rejection or spew personally. People may be jealous of your position, or they may want to test you just to see how much you really do (or don’t) know. The reasons behind these reactions to your assistance don’t really matter as long as you’re confident about the quality and value behind your help. A true professional looks past these things and they constantly look for ways to improve themselves.

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Aquarius Woman

Aquarius Woman Characteristics can . Even though horoscope is not without fault, a woman’s sign does share some light as to what type of personality they have. If you’re looking to seduce your woman according to their traits then this information will help you out.

Find out how your woman’s sign affects their relationship.

Aquarius Woman Characteristics show that these women are filled with enigmas. Most unpredictable sign in the zodiac. She will have inconsistency and confusion in her life. Other traits are:

. Detached and unemotional

. Loves her freedom

. Hums to a different tune

. Very loyal to those close to her

. Position and power is what she seeks

. Strong will power

. Aquarius women are intense

. She is subtle and unassuming

. You will not always know where her mind is

. Aquarius woman’s minds are unpredictable

. They set high standards for themselves

. Sensitive, intellectual, honest, direct and caring of those close to her

. Needs her space Aquarius Woman is to not be possessive or jealous

. This woman can come in two forms: either shy, sensitive, gentle and patient or exuberant, lively and exhibitionist

. Dry humor

. These women have a wide array of interests

. Can lack self confidence on the inside but not show it on the out

. Electrifying personalities that attract people to them

. Original, inventive and loves fighting for a cause

. Aquarius women loves to host and attend parties

. Helps others in need

. Independent and loves to travel

. Favorite pastime is dreaming and planning for the future

. Stubbornness can cause them to fail

. Witty, clever, concise and logical

. Aquarius don’t make close friends easily

. Like to shock and deviate from the norm

. Aquarius women can be very moody

. They like to think big and can make them happen, however they need an assistant to deal with the mundane tasks

. Aquarius are steady income earners

. Very progressive

Aquarius Relationships

Having a relationship with an Aquarius is a roller coaster ride however you will never be bored. If you try to tie one down you will end up the looser. Aquarius Woman characteristics in a relationship are:

. Don’t bind her and she will love you more for it

. Aquarius relationships are with true and honest people

. Trusts her lover completely

. Aquarius women are turned off by suspicion, possessiveness and criticism.

. If she is unhappy in a relationship then she will split

. Out of sight out of mind attitude

. If she has an affair she will end it quickly

. Always honest

. Getting an Aquarius to marry is difficult

. These women are able to leave a relationship easily due to boredom

. Once married they will be committed and faithful

. If Aquarius women feel a relationship is worth the effort then they will work hard to preserve it

. Very loving and caring mothers

. Needs to be treated with respect

. Don’t smother

. Aquarius women needs love and attention

. They enjoy innovative sex

. They are attracted to intelligent partners

. Usually marry late and divorces are rare

. She will marry someone who is her friend first so she can watch how they behave

. Communication is the key to her heart

. Witty verbal battle is another way to spark her interest

What to Buy an Aquarius Woman – They are hard to buy for but here are a few ideas.

. An item that shows you know her interests

. New and innovative technology

. Ancient or fascinating

. Antique shops

. Original trinkets

Aquarius traits are defiantly out of the ordinary. They key to making this relationship work is by giving them freedom and loving them for who they are. I wish you all the best in trying to tame one.

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